Safiyan Iqbal, July 20 2018

Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend is always one of our busiest weekends every year. Logistical planning begins about six months in advance for this weekend alone. This year, as a result of our exponential growth, we bought a considerable amount of new equipment and hired additional support staff to make sure we deliver the standard of quality our clients have come to expect. Our investments for this weekend, and the season overall, included new wireless LED lights that can be controlled by phone or tablet thanks to a state-of-the-art WiFi interface, LED video wall, starlight dance floor, top-of-the-line moving heads, and a cutting edge line array sound system. All of these also meant that we had to train staff members to be proficient in terms of operating each new piece of equipment—in particular the video wall, dance floor, and the LED lights. Our team now consists of not only the top DJ’s and MC’s but also lighting technicians, video technicians, and sound engineers. We have evolved from being just a “DJ company” to a full-scale, next generation event production firm.Just like any other weekend, our planning begins well in advance and really kicks into high gear on the Monday before it begins. Our Operations Manager, Twinkal Patel, sits down with Managing Director, Saf Iqbal, to cover each and every detail that will go into making each and every event a night to remember. This includes determining which team members will be on hand at each event, what their respective tasks will be, their team leader, what equipment will be required, and if we can add any “bonuses” to make our clients that much happier on their big day. Once this is determined, we finalize transportation logistics including what type of vehicles will be required, the time it will take to get to the location, and when our vehicles will be loaded up.While all of this is going on, our lead MC’s, Neil Shah and Ashir Trivedi are busy coordinating with clients and making sure we have everything we need to make sure each and every event runs smoothly. This includes any audio required for performances, setting the day’s itinerary, fulfilling any special requests, performing site visits, etc. Once these two teams are confident in their logistical planning, the entire M4U Events staff will get on a conference call mid-week so that they can receive their assignments. This call is where everything that Saf, Twinkal, Neil, and Ashir have been working on is conveyed to the rest of the team to make sure everybody is on the same page. DJ’s receive the music for performances, lighting technicians are told how many lights they will need and what the color scheme will be, video wall operators are given any slideshows/videos the client has asked us to show, etc. By the end of this call, our entire staff knows their schedule to the minute and as per M4U Events company policy, it is absolutely imperative that this is adhered to. The day after the conference call, team leaders meet with their teams and load up the required equipment for their respective events. To make sure no errors are made, each team leader is given a checklist with all necessary personnel and equipment. This process is supervised by our technical team (lighting technicians, video wall operators) to make sure they have everything they need to do their jobs above and beyond expectations.Now, it’s time to put on a show.Saturday morning: each team leader once again performs a check to make they have everything they need. For our first event this Labor Day Weekend, Mr. Iqbal led a large team to Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club in Mamaroneck, NY to lay down our renowned starlight dance floor. This team was deliberately larger than necessary so that we could not only set up the dance floor faster than expected but also leave half of the team there to ensure nothing went wrong while the other half broke away to our home for the weekend: Royal Albert’s Palace. Meanwhile, Mr. Patel was executing a large-scale lighting production in Philadelphia. At Albert’s Palace, our team worked around the clock and through the night to setup for two baraats, two wedding ceremonies which would be happening simultaneously, and a beautiful reception. While all of this is going on, we have yet another team led by Mr. Trivedi at the Imperia in Somerset, NJ for a sangeet and to set up for a wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue the following day.Sunday: the first baraat at Albert’s Palace kicked off bright and early at 9 AM led by DJ Aakash Mevawala and MC Nisarg Gurjar. At the same time, MC Ashir was leading the baraat at the Imperia with the help of DJ Sunny Patel and some support staff for things like driving the baraat vehicle. Once these baraats went off without a hitch, another one began almost immediately at Albert’s palace while the earlier two’s wedding ceremonies were now underway at their respective locations. From the outside, it might not seem like a wedding ceremony requires much work; however, at M4U Events, we meticulously plan each and every production. This means the MC is letting the DJ know when different parts of the ceremony are taking place and when to play the music the bride has requested for each portion. After the final baraat ended, we had two ceremonies happening simultaneously and were coordinated between both teams by utility-man extraordinaire Raj Gohil.Just to recap, three ceremonies happening simultaneously: two at Royal Albert’s Palace and one at the Imperia. It’s safe to say that things get pretty hectic for our team at times like these. Thanks to our training process though, we are all well-versed in the science of staying calm under pressure. Our DJ’s, MC’s, and support staff are all taught to never ever get frazzled and focus on the only goal of making our clients special days one-of-a-kind.After the first ceremony ended at Albert’s Palace, we began setting up for a reception in the same room. Because it had such a high production value, we brought even more support staff to the venue. This meant we now had two DJ’s (Saf and Aakash), two MC’s (Neil and Vishal), two lighting technicians (Twinkal and G), a video wall operator (Usman Nissar), and a coordinator (Mr. Gohil) at one event.The equipment used here included next-gen line array sound, thumping woofers, 6 brand new moving heads, a dry ice machine for a mesmerizing first dance, 60 wireless WiFi LED lights, and a CO2 gun to top it all off and really take the dance floor to the next level.That was just at Albert’s Palace.At the Imperia, MC Ashir and MC Nisarg were in charge of a massive 500-guest wedding reception along with DJ Chirag Patel. The setup at this venue included a state-of-the-art sound system once again and two TV’s for slideshows that were provided by the clients.Sunday night’s receptions took place without a hitch and both sets of clients were extremely happy with the way they turned out. We were glad we got the opportunity to be a part of their big days and can confidently say that all the hard work paid off in rewarding fashion.This is what it’s all about for us at M4U Events. The roar of the crowd, the sound of the music, and most importantly the smile on our clients’ faces when all is said and done.At 4 AM, we were done at both venues and the next morning, our team was back at it planning to do it all over again.M4U Events: where the beat begins.

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Safiyan Iqbal

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