‍‍‍Usman and I would like to thank DJ Saf for helping us make our wedding memorable. Music selection was appropriate and the‍‍‍ DJ made sure everyone had a great time! DJ Saf went above and beyond our expectations :)

Usman and Anika

The MC and DJ both were very co-operative. They helped me before event to setup the event plan which gave me confident that every thing will go smooth. They are Very professional as well as very friendly. I d‍‍‍efinitely hire them for next event in future. Special thanks to Vishal Patel (MC).

Divya Patel

M4U was amazing - both in planning and execution. We met one time at the venue to discuss vision and planning. Everything else was done via text, email, or phone. The event was lit be‍‍‍autifully and MC'd exactly how I envisioned it. The DJ was fun, energetic, and quick to adapt to any changes or issues that arose. Thanks DJ Saf and M4U for making our wedding so wonderful :)"

Noor Kapoor

Overall, I can say that it was a grand success. Vishal and Aakash did a great job. Here is more detailed feedback: Vishal managed the event exceedingly well amidst time pressure, delayed schedule, etc. He pushed the event forward, he got things done, kept the crowd pumped up. Aakash seemed to have captured/processed the music and whatever info we gave him and used it appropriately. Although we didn't discuss in detail after I sent the songs/folders in dropbox, I was pleasantly surprised everything was captured. Everybody gave good feedback on the event and told us they had a blast. I personally had a blast dancing to the music and interacting with Vishal through t‍‍‍he event and getting things flowing.

Sathya Sundaresan‍‍‍

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Hands down, the BEST DJ service ever! I've been working with Saf and his team for quite a few years now and they have never come short of perfection. They did my wedding along with a few of my cousins and friends and everyone had such an amazing experience with M4U Events! Everything was done on time and they even helped me with my centerpieces when that should have been done by someone else. The DJ team makes or breaks an event, in my opinion, and the M4U team definitely made my event! They brought an insane‍‍‍ amount of energy with them and made sure everyone had a great time! I highly recommend them, no one can get any better! They will go above and beyond to make sure your event is exactly how you envision it! Amazing team!

Rabia S.